Angry Baby

This summer I started a band called Angry Baby with two very delightful women who are significantly younger than I am and therefore full of energy and delight! It has been a delight playing with them. We are inventing music from the ground up because none of us know what we are doing. I am writing most of the songs. But I still don’t know how to figure out the chords to go with my melodies. I suck at it and I need help.

But in any case, we had a party and performed our premiere performance on the back deck to a crowd of 10-15 masked, socially-distanced people in the back yard. We were a hit! I don’t say that lightly. The bandleader of a band I hugely admire was there and he offered to open up for us next time, which would be just too crazy cool. Here are some videos of our very short, 3-song set in September of 2020.


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