New Technology

A scene from the unfinished remake of the unfinished film “The Hunchback” starring Steve Shavel.

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Descent, by Mandi Blais

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It’s The End Of The World, Fuckers

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Bad Achilles

We here at Mischief Robot Productions have just finished editing the feature-length film Bad Achilles directed by Danny Oxenberg. Actual preview coming soon!


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Hunchback Kombucha

New! Old! Improved! Not improved! Sexy hot kombucha drink for your pet! Please consult doctor.

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Cat/Bus Theme

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jenna’s video apology

new! old! vintage! rare! this is the never-before-released video apology for something i didn’t do, but got blamed for.

barkley the cat

The best thing I did in years was collaborate with Marc Israel on this video.  I’m credited for cinematography/art direction, but I made all the props, too… fun, fun, fun. I don’t know where Marc is right now or what he’s up to but I hope he’s okay. I miss him a lot.


A Mischief Robot Productions original. Make of it what you will.