I joined the Lovelights Theatre Troupe to play spooky sounds on the saw for the all-ages Halloween Jamboree short at Epsilon Spires in Brattleboro, VT Sunday 10-18-2020 and Sunday 10-25-2020.

Sing A Song For Nicky

Nicky was feeling down so I decided to sing him a song I made up, about how I don’t understand why Xander always had to be so jealous of Angel on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. My throat was hoarse and I had no guitar nor backup, but I did my best. And he gave me his answer, which is that it was all David Boreanaz’ fault for being so despicable.


“Jenna Says”

This song by Jeff Gallagher Unfortunately was originally titled “Jenna Says” although “Jenna” says nothing in the song, only listens. So he changed the title because of that I guess. But I liked “Jenna Says” because it sounded kind of velvet underground-y. Anyway this song is just called “Says” now. In any case I was honored by the shout-out. ūüôā It’s a sad song though! Sad sad sad. But I think it’s great to get this kind of shit out in music. It’s so productive and it creates something real. I admire that. I write a lot of songs myself but few of them are finished, and I still don’t know how to play and make up songs on the spot. If I could do that, there would be more songs, and maybe I’d be calling myself “Jenna Wikler Unfortunately.”

Angry Baby

This summer I started a band called Angry Baby with two very delightful women who are significantly younger than I am and therefore full of energy and delight! It has been a delight playing with them. We are inventing music from the ground up because none of us know what we are doing. I am writing most of the songs. But I still don’t know how to figure out the chords to go with my melodies. I suck at it and I need help.

But in any case, we had a party and performed our premiere performance on the back deck to a crowd of 10-15 masked, socially-distanced people in the back yard. We were a hit! I don’t say that lightly. The bandleader of a band I hugely admire was there and he offered to open up for us next time, which would be just too crazy cool. Here are some videos of our very short, 3-song set in September of 2020.